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At House of Coffee we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the freshest coffee available.

All of our coffees are roasted to order and delivered the next day to ensure freshness. Directly after roasting, the beans are packaged in our one-way valve bags so neither air or moisture can enter, yet gasses emitted from the fresh beans are allowed to escape.

We recommend that your barista only grinds a small amount at a time, so each cup of coffee is as fresh as possible.

Quality coffee and freshness are the 2 core areas that we pride ourselves on.

So, if you’re looking for an extraordinary coffee, try our freshly roasted product.



All our coffee is roasted to order. We have a selection of top grade single origin coffees and a range of custom coffee blends. All our coffees can be ground to your individual requirements.

All our fresh coffee is packaged in one-way valve bags, which will allow gases to escape - but prevent air and moisture from entering. This helps retain freshness. To get the best out of the coffee, storage, grind and brewing techniques are important.

We also have a selection of loose leaf teas, drinking chocolate, sugars and complementary products - see enclosed product list.

House Coffee Blends


A well rounded, sweet coffee with a good head of crema. This coffee takes you to New Guinea, Brazil and India that lingers on the palate with an excellent aftertaste.

Price: $26Kg



A full bodied, dark roasted coffee with a rich aroma and strong flavour - not for the faint hearted!

Price: $26Kg


A blend with some of the finest coffees roasted to give a smooth full-bodied mouth feel.

Price: $26kg

Signature Blend

A smooth short finish with that distinctive chocolatey flavour. This coffee is selected from the best regions in South America. One of the best you will try. Aloso available in rainforest alliance certification.

Price: $ 30Kg

Rainforest Alliance Coffee

A classic rich exotic roasted coffee with a strong distinctive flavour. This blend takes you on a journey through Peru, Colombia and Brazil. The rainforest alliance certification guarantees a fair price to farmers and cares for our world.

Price: $34Kg


Swiss water decaffeination Columbian bean. One of the best tasting decaf’s available.

Price: $ 26Kg

Coffee pods

They are an excellent product for small offices. The coffee produced by the pod is arguably better than that produced by most automatic coffee machines. Each pod is identical guaranteeing consistency irrespective of the user. No skill whatsoever is required to use the machine. There is no mess as the pod is simply discarded after use and cleaning takes only a few seconds.

Price: $ 105 per 150 pods (70 cents per pod)


Instant Coffee

Colombian agglomerated coffee

Price: $40kg

Packed in boxes of 12 x 250g bags (3kg)

Price: $120

Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee

Price: $45Kg

Packed in boxes of 12 x 250g bags (3kg)

Price: $135

House of Coffee agglomerated coffee

Price: $29kg

Packed in boxes of 12 x 250g bags (3kg)

Price: $87


House of Coffee Freeze Dried Coffee

Price: $34Kg

Packed in boxes of 12 x 250g bags (3kg)

Price: $102

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